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HEP – Holistic Energy Psychology – 
creates order on psychic, energetic 
and organic level and vibrates up 
to quantum dimensions. 
Level by level.


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Holistic Energy Psychology (HEP with quantum dimensions)

THE  key to open all doors and clear out

Understanding our disfunctions (demons) or potentials is the key to self-connection and strength.

With the muscletest (kinesiology) we can diagnose every aspect of provenance, consistance, time, etc., so we can deprogramm and integrate to recuperate our potential.

This resilienz is the most direct way to self-connecting and QUALITY OF LIFE

Holistic Energy Psychology is a  concept, based on Dr. Roger Callahan’s TFT and consists of the reprogramming of the DNA’s bio-magnetic field (biochemical resychronisation, PH) and of  epi-genetic dynamics.

HEP is based on elements of Chinese medicine, Kinesiology (Dr. Goodhart and Dr. Diamond), neuro-lymphatic points and meridian points, respiration and cognitive psychology, focussing on times (known and unknown) and the inscriptions of traumas at the same time, which gives rise to a quantic dimension, the subconscious and inconscious level.

This therapy belongs to the domain of “Energetic-quantic Psychology-Medicine” since it promotes synchronisations of the frequency of the oscilations of brain and central and autonomous nervous system, which enables us to “deprogram” and resynchronise neuronal and emotional dissociations, caused by traumas, with their biochemical, emotional, mental, physical and organic consequences.

The use of this therapy tends to reestablish the equilibrium in the following areas:


  • cerebral biochemics

  • mental

  • hormonal

  • PH

  • neuro-muscular

  • emotional tensions

  • the neuro-biological chain, which is always affected in traumatic processes

This state of imbalance may last a long time, giving rise to erroneous beliefs due to identification.

The resychronisation of cerebral biochemics reorders in a very short period of time the perception of time and space, in propioceptivity, thereby avoiding the types of psycho-physical stress, which can cause the following:

  • addictions

  • insomnia

  • personality disorders

  • phobias

  • obsessions

  • distress or psycho-physical decompensation

  • fibromialgy

  • multiple sclerosis

  • spondilosis

  • cancer

  • neuro-degenerative diseases

  • indecisiveness at work

  • suicide attempts

  • etc.

(in persons and animals)

However, despite the relative success of this method, which the author has practised for 17 years, she still observed a relatively high number of relapses during the process of rememorisation.

Research into the causes of these relapses became an important challenge.

It seemed logical that one couldn’t treat the symptom without paying attention to the context of the trauma (which caused the relapse).

For example, in an accident relevant elements in this context may be:

  • Persons

  • animals

  • substances

  • food

  • places

  • environment

  • fire

  • microrganisms

  • intoxication

  • causing allergies

  • etc.


These elements of the context of the trauma have as much influence as the trauma itself and cause an adrenalinic attachment, which can even become an addiction.

A complete recovery is only possible if these additional factors are diagnosed and treated.

In order to prevent relapses it is essential to discover  the date – the moment when the trauma occurred, even going back as far as transgenerational times, both on the mother and father’s side (inheritance).


The origins may have their roots in the past, several generations or even lives previously.

According to scientific research (Dr. Van der Koelk, Dr. Nicosia, Dr. Seyle, Dr. Rossi, Dr. Bryan Weiss, Ruediker Dahlke, Thoward Detlefsen…), it is known that traumatic experiences are inscribed and  deform both the Epigenetics and DNA, which gives them a hereditary character.

In this way traumas are inscribed both in the individual and collective memory, for example, wars, catastrophies, collective violence, famine,epidemics etc., which are transmitted through several generations.

The organism whose immunological system has been weakened by the trauma which produces an imbalance in the central and autonomous nervous system due to the excess of stress hormones, cannot defend itself from the attacks of microorganisms, intoxication or allergic reactions connected to the trauma… and repetition of disfunctionalities.

Once more, these cause alterations in  neuro-transmission, producing internal short-circuits giving rise to energetic, neuronal, hormonal, Apoptosis, psychic and behavioural imbalances, due to the biochemical reaction in the blood (accumulation of red globules during stress, preventing the oxygenation of the blood, changing the PH, the acid/basic balance, the energetic pole).

This creates a vicious circle, an unconscious self-sabotage, which causes chronic deseases.

It is only by taking into consideration and treating all these biochemical interactions that we can guarantee the complete healing, psycho-energetic-physical, without relapses in a global holistic concept.

Sensitivity, knowledge and gratitude unites and weaves a blanket of humanity.

Mascha Alex

Mascha Alex